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The cricketing genius Sachin Ramesh Tendulker was born in 24th April 1973 at Bombay, as far the Sachin Tendulkar Records are concerned without any contention the former Indian batsman and deemed as a one of the best cricketer of all time. Many people bestowed him with the titles of Master Blaster, Little Master, and God of Cricket. With his Inimitable batting power he annihilates many blowers. In India Cricket is a religion and Sachin Tendulkar is the most elevated god of this game. Here are some Words about Sachin Tendulkar has been said by many Famous celebrities from all over the world.


Here we present some famous Quotes on Sachin Tendulkar:

Best Quotes on Sachin Tendulkar:


“I don’t think anyone, apart from Don Bradman, is in the same class as Sachin Tendulkar.” — Shane Warne

“Cricketers like Sachin come once in a lifetime and I am privileged he played in my time.” — Wasim Akram

“I see myself when I see Sachin batting”- Sir Donald Bradman

“When we were growing up, we all used to watch Sachin. He was like God to us, he had that aura around him.” — MS Dhoni

“In cricket, my superhero is Sachin Tendulkar. He has always been my hero and will continue to remain so.” — Virat Kohli

“I have seen God, he bats at no. 4 for India.” — Matthew Hayden

“There are two kinds of batsmen in the world. One, Sachin Tendulkar. Two, all the others.” — Andy Flower

“Sachin is the most complete batsman I have ever seen.” — Ricky Ponting

“Sachin Tendulkar has often reminded me of a veteran army colonel who has many medals on his chest to show how he has conquered bowlers all over the world.” — Allan Donald

“Nothing bad can happen to us if we’re on a plane in India with Sachin Tendulkar on it.” — Hashim Amla

“When you bowl at him you are not just trying to get him out, you are trying to impress him. I want him to walk off thinking ‘that Flintoff, he’s all right isn’t he?’ I feel privileged to have played against him.” — Andrew Flintoff

“He’s been in form longer than some of our guys have been alive.” — Daniel Vettori

“I don’t know cricket, I don’t know how Sachin plays. But I still try to watch him playing because I want to know why my country’s economy goes down 0.5% when he’s batting.” — Barack Obama (former US President)

“I have delayed my shoots many times to watch Sachin bat.” — Amitabh Bachchan


“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to breathe the same air as you do.” — Shahrukh Khan

“Even if my grandchildren don’t remember the fact that I scored 10,000 runs in One Day and Test cricket, they will surely remember the fact that I was a team mate of Sachin Tendulkar.” — Rahul Dravid

“I’m fortunate that I’ve to bowl to him only in the nets.” — Anil Kumble

“If Sachin bats well, India sleeps well.” — Harsha Bhogle

“When you play against Tendulkar, you almost want to see him get a few runs just to see him bat.” — Mark Waugh

“The thing I like the most about Sachin is his intensity. After being in the game for so long, he still has the same desire to do well for India in any international match. I tell you what, this man is a legend.” – Sourav Ganguly

“The joy he brings to the millions of his countrymen, the grace with which he handles all the adulation and the expectations and his innate humility – all make for a one-in-a-billion individual.” – Glenn McGrath

“You get him out and half the battle is won.” — Arjuna Ranatunga

“Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed because even the Lord is watching.” — A placard at the Sydney Cricket Ground


Sachin Tendulkar Quotes:

In India people worship the Master Blaster because of his humble nature and batting ability, and with his illustrious career and success, the master Blaster manages to inspire many young people in the world and Sachin Tendulkar Inspiring Quotes helps them to concrete in their life and achieve their goals in life.

The master blaster uttered many meaningful quotes and we have segregated those quotes in parts like, Sachin Tendulkar Insprational quotes and in Sachin Tendulkar famous Quotes.

Sachin Tendulkar Inspirational Quotes:

“I hate losing and cricket being my first love, once I enter the ground it’s a different zone altogether and that hunger for winning is always there.”

“I have never tried to compare myself to anyone else.”

“I just keep it simple. Watch the ball and play it on merit.”

“Before you lay a foundation on the cricket field, there should be a solid foundation in your heart and you start building on that. After that as you start playing more and more matches, you learn how to score runs and how to take wickets.”

“Beating Pakistan is always special because they are a tough team and we have a bit of a history regarding Pakistan.”

“Critics haven’t taught me my cricket, and they don’t know what my body and mind are up to.

I have played for 15 years and it has been a dream.”

“My point of view is that when I am playing cricket I cannot think that this game is less or more important.”

“I grew up looking at my father as to how to behave. In watching him I grasped so many things. His own temperament was of a calm person. He was very composed and I never saw anger in him. To me, that was fascinating.”

“When I was 15, I started playing first class cricket and always dreamt of being a Test cricketer, wanted to do something for the country.”


Sachin Tendulkar Famous Quotes:

A champion team needs only a small window of opportunity to stage a fightback, something I had learnt over the years.”

“I have never believed in comparisons, whether they are about different eras, players or coaches.”

“Competitive spirit has played a huge role in making me what I am.”

“It is important to understand that if you do fall, it’s important for you to get right back up again.”

“Don’t stop chasing your dreams, because dreams do come true.”

“If you remain humble, people will give you love and respect even after you have finished with the game.”

“The balance between aggression and caution was crucial.” 

If you don’t execute on your plans, then you don’t reach anywhere.”

“I feel when somebody has been playing cricket for a long time, he creates a separate identity for himself.”

 “Every individual has his own style, his own way of presenting himself on and off the field.”


In the year of 2012, the Master Blaster announces his retirement from the One day International cricket and then after in the next year he retires from the Twenty 20 cricket and finally on 16th November on 2013 he announces his retirement from all the formats on the cricket, and the cricket fraternity gets bursts into tears after his announcement. After taking a bid adieu from Cricket the master blaster uttered some quotes regarding his life and the beautiful game of cricket. Here we present some famous quotes of Sachin Tendulkar.

Quotes on Sachin Tendulkar Retirement:

“My Life has been between 22 yards for 24 years and it’s hard to believe my wonderful journey coming to an end.”

“I would like to thank the most important person in my life, who i missed since 1999 when he passed away my father.Without his guidance I wouldn’t best standing in front of you.”

“My mother started praying for me the day i started playing cricket.I think those prayers and blessings give me strength.” 

“The most beautiful thing happened to me in 1990 when I met my wife, Anjali. You are the Best Partnership That I had in my Life.”

“My Kids,I’ve missed out several of your Birthdays,Holidays, and Annual days and Sports Days. I promise You the Next 16 years or Even beyond that, Everything is on you.”

“Ajit, My brother,we’ve have lived this dream together,we was the one sacrificed his career for my cricket,He spotted the spark in me.”

“My cricket career started when i was 11,My brother Ajit took me to Achreker sir and that is the best thing to have happened to me. Achreker sir have had an immense contribution in my life,so Thank You very Much.”

“In the last 24 years that i have played for India,I have made new friends,and Before that,I have friends from my childhood,they all have made a terrific contribution.”

“My team mates are like my family away from home,I have had some wonderful times with them,It is going to be difficult to not be part of the dressing room,Sharing those special moments.”

“I would be failing in my duties if i didn’t thank all the doctors,the physios,the trainers,who have put this difficult body together to go back on the field and be able to play. with out your special efforts, it would never happened.”

Sachin Tendulkar/Instagram
Sachin Tendulkar/Instagram
Sachin Tendulkar/Instagram
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