The talented & charismatic opener of the Indian cricket team has been ruled out of the upcoming home test series in England due to an injury to his right upper quadriceps tendon.

According to the batsman he feels that the confidence that lies within you or is developed by you is created by the number no matches you play, because the more you play the more we get to know about the conditions and pressure.

On being asked regarding his injury the Hitman replied: 

Yes obviously it’s very disappointing. I don’t want to think too much about it because there’s nothing much I can do. It’s not like this is the end of my career. But yes, the timing of the injury was unfortunate. 

I did what I like to do at the top of the order. I want to be a destructive opener who wants to give a flying start to the team. But see again, the kind of shots I play, I will have those failures. I’m working on being consistent to get the team through all the time. People outside have a lot of expectations, but the most important thing is what the team wants. My main right now is to be consistent in all formats.

Sometimes yes, maybe. Because sometimes you see the team has scored enough and they want to declare. So you have to play your shots and make sure you reach the target that your team needs. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that there’s no opportunity to score a century. We’ve got good lower middle-order batsmen like Saha, R Ashwin and Jadeja. That means I don’t have to score my runs quickly and can play with ease.