Ravindra Jadeja Explains About the Hilarious Run-Out of West Indies Batsman

India’s star all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja is perhaps experiencing the best phase of his cricketing career at this very moment.

Cricket news: Jadeja had a memorable day and a good Test match on his home ground

The cricketer who hails from Saurashtra is for the first time is totally justifying the all-rounder tag as he is one of the top performers for India in the first Test against West Indies.

He got his first international century after nine years of his debut. The innings has made him very confident and he is extremely pleased with his efforts.

He backed up his batting with an extremely beautiful bowling and got a solo wicket in the first innings of West Indies batting. However he got into the headlines mainly because of a funny run-out incident which infuriated skipper Virat Kohli and then bowler Ravichandran Ashwin.

Jadeja is one of India’s finest fielders and is often accurate on the ground. However it is his this skill that made a lot of chaos in the middle.

West Indies batsmen Sunil Ambris and Shimron Hetmyer were involved in an ugly mix-up and as a result they both ended up on the same end.

Hetmyer hit the ball straight to mid-on position where Jadeja was fielding. Ambris started running to the strikers’ end while Hetmyer was not very keen for a run.

However when Hetmyer realised that he ended up second to the strikers’ end, he immediately turned back and started running towards the other end.

Meanwhile Jadeja was casually strolling with the ball in his end to knock the stumps off with his hands and did not see Hetmyer marching back.

Kohli and Ashwin’s shout managed to bring him back to his senses and he hit the stumps directly from a not-so comfortable distance. Then the trio got involved in an animated discussion about the incident.

When asked about the incident in the press conference, Jadeja said, “I did not think he would give so much of effort, in that heat he would do that (run towards the non-striker’s end),” Jadeja said. “I was relaxed thinking that I would complete the run-out normally but his effort was good. I literally did not think he would put in so much of an effort and would be run-out by [only] 3-4 metres. I was sure that he won’t run and I had it in mind to clip the bails off comfortably.”

“I can’t think what would have happened if I hadn’t hit the stumps, but then I threw it and luckily it hit the stumps,” the laughing Jadeja said.