Ravi Shastri the present head coach of India has said that he wants Tendulkar to be the consultant for the team but it is neither a case of conflict nor on his interest part

Shastri said that he want to have Tendulkar on board in yesterday’s meeting with the BCCI special committee comprising of the acting president CK Khanna, CEO Rahul Johri, acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary and Committee Of Administrators member Diana Edulji.

Tendulkar is part of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) with Ganguly & Laxman which picked up Shastri as the coach.

The special committee made it clear that any role with the national team, be it full-time or as a consultant, has to be clear of conflict of interest. The person so indulged as a consultant will have to work for the benefit of the team, and keep other things very uncertain this must be running in the possibility of the Teams interest

“Ravi put forward the idea of having Sachin on board as a consultant for a very short period. But the committee promptly reminded him about the conflict of interest clause,” a member of the committee, who did not wish to be identified as the information is not meant to be public, told PTI.

If Tendulkar does accept the role, it would mean that he would have to let go of his various other commitments including the IPL and the other roles he has been playing so far, there might be a matter of timing issue with other works he is indulged in but the main priority shold be given to the post designated by the board members

“And expecting someone to be around for an extremely short period and leave his other professional commitments is asking for a bit too much,” said the member.