The 44 year old former Indian player thinks youngster should learn from their mistakes.


The U 19 India team coach did a  great job with the youngsters thought they lost the world cup final, but the improvement in the players is quite amazing to see, under him the young players are doing a great job, and the former Indian skipper believes that it is good to taste failure in the  early stages.

Dravid added: “If you fail and get good feedback, you go back with the right reflections. In my opinion, it’s better than having succeeded and not reflected on it, especially at this age. When I was young, I was always told not to focus on results. They key was just to learn.”

“It’s better they are exposed now than in December. They are not used to batting in those conditions, obviously. So if they fail now, they know what to work on,”

The 44 year old former Indian batsman also thinks that manhandled into fine persona as well,


 He added: “Young players need more molding as India ‘A’ players have already done well in the domestic season and are trying to impress the selectors. You cannot tell those guys what to do,”

Dravid also reveals that he is one of those who is like the get attached with the team, he voiced: “The last batch, after three months of being together were making fun of me. Yes, it does take a bit of time to get used to things especially with the new guys, but as I said, the mood is very relaxed. I’m not here to shout at them, I’m just here to help them improve. That’s why I’m rotating the squad so that everyone gets a chance to play.”

Prithvi Shaw one of the brightest players who grew up Draid’s wing and the youngster catch everyone’s eye for his performance in the Ranji Trophy for Mumbai.

Dravid added: “Firstly, it’s great on Mumbai Cricket Association’s (MCA) part that they encourage youngsters. It’s really interesting that in the 16 months I’ve been part of this setup, it’s only the MCA guys who call asking about the performance of their player. Nobody from other associations calls. They did the same with Armaan Jaffer last year, and they’re doing the same with Prithvi. That tells you lot why Mumbai cricket is so successful.

“About Prithvi, yes, he’s talented, but there’s still a long way to go for him. None of these guys are finished products.That’s what my job here is – to make them aware of their shortcomings and guide them. I don’t care about the results, but if they improve, then it’s good for them. There’s no magic pill,”