Rahul Dravid Picks His Legendary Teammate to Bat for His Life

Former Indian captain and Test specialist batsman Rahul Dravid has always been known for his team spirit and his devotion towards his colleagues by not forgetting their contributions.

Cricket news: He also shared his admiration for West Indies legend Brian Lara

The 45-year-old has long said goodbye to cricket but has still not lost the touch of his team-mate’s spirit as he revealed that he would pick Sachin Tendulkar any day to bat for his life.

Many still thinks that the Multan Declaration has been still an issue between the two, but the matter has stood settled there.

When answering ESPNcricinfo’s 25 questions on cricket and life and other aspects, Dravid said, “The best guy I’ve played with was Sachin Tendulkar. In terms of quality and class, so I’d pick Sachin at his best.”

Both the players have shared the same dressing room for 16 years, and Dravid has been the second highest run-getter for India in Tests, just behind Tendulkar.

Dravid has shared his wish to face high-class fast bowling from the likes of Michael Holding or Jeff Thompson by standing rock solid on the crease.

He said with a tinge of humour, “Just for a few balls though and definitely not without a helmet!”

Dravid has also shared his admiration for West Indies great Brian Lara and said that he would have loved to borrow the “creativity and flair” from Lara.

When asked to choose the best innings from Adelaide (233 in 2003), Kolkata (180 in 2001) and Jamaica (81 in 2006), Dravid did justice to the question by saying, “It is very hard to pick just one. Each is very significant but I would say, in some ways, 81 in Jamaica is less recognised. I’d say that.”

He also named Sunil Gavaskar and GR Viswanath and said that he would have loved to build a partnership with these two legendary batsmen.

He called them as his “childhood heroes” and said that he would have loved to partner Gavaskar, and after he got out, he thought that “it would be cool” to involve in another partnership with the wristy Viswanath.