The Australian Off spinner Lyon has offshore’d the sources that pressure is building right up on India rather than on Australia as because the Aussies are having an upper hand in the series.

The upcoming 3rd test will be the pitch of Ranchi and it will be very interesting to see as of how the bowlers will react and the batsmen will go upon the same, the spinners will be playing a vital role in the spinning and rolling of the series.

“I’ve bowled a lot of balls over the summer and it usually happens once or twice a year,” Lyon said. “The last time I was here, the same thing happened in the third Test and I was able to play three days later. So I’m more than confident in turning out for the next Test, depending on selection I guess.

“It’s just one of those things. It just split. It was pretty painful there for a bit. And you can’t bowl on tape – there’s rules and laws out there that you can’t bowl on tape. So I wasn’t even considering that. There was a little sharp bit on the quarter seam and I just caught it, catching a couple of times. It just split. There’s no rocket science to it. I had a split finger. That’s it.

“Yeah it hurts a lot. I’m able to bowl cross-seam and stuff, so I can still try to spin it, but for variations and trying to get drift and drop and stuff – two go at the back of the ball – the way I bowl. It does impede it a little bit, but we’ve gone through that now and moved on from the second Test and now I’m just looking forward to Ranchi.”

The surface out there in the last two test matches have helped Lyon to a max benefit and he is all set to undergo with the 3rd test in Ranchi

“The last two pitches I’ve been able to get good bounce, sharp bounce and fast spin off the wicket as well,” he said. “If the wicket wasn’t doing that as much, then I’d look at the option of coming around the wicket. But it just really depends on the type of wicket. I know there’s three wickets at Ranchi, so we’ll just have to wait and see which one they play.

“I think the wickets are abrasive enough in India that we can hopefully get the ball reverse-swinging. We saw Josh Hazlewood take six wickets and Mitchell Starc did what he did in the second innings. With our air speed and ability to get the ball reversing, and the earlier we can do that the better off it is, but the wickets here are that abrasive that normally the ball can tend to go reverse quite early anyway.”