Positives and Negatives of India from 1st ODI against the Windies

5. Selecting two wicketkeepers in the lineup

Previously teams like Sri Lanka and England are known to choose two wicketkeepers in the team, with Sri Lanka once going in with three wicketkeepers.

The Men in Blue have also started doing the same, previously with Dinesh Karthik and Dhoni, and now with Rishabh Pant and Dhoni. While one keeper can contribute with his glove work, the other keeper’s utility in the team is narrowed down.

Rishabh Pant is a newcomer and he would find it really difficult to stay in the team purely on the basis of a batsman. While if Dhoni does not start contributing with the bat, it would be hard for him to stay in the team purely because of his hard and smart work behind the stumps.

It has come to one stage where the batsman has to decide which one to select keeping in mind the interest of the team.

Hence we see that although India has convincingly won the first ODI against the Windies, yet it has opened up a lot of problems which would give the management sleepless nights.

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