Positives and Negatives of India from 1st ODI against the Windies

3. The middle order not getting much opportunities

The tremendous form exhibited by the top order batsmen has prevented the fragile middle order of the Indian team the much-needed match practise. The top 3 batsmen are getting almost all the job done, leaving the middle order just the formality to finish things up.

But when the top order has failed and the middle order been subjected to harsh conditions, they have failed to cope up with the situation, just as everyone witnessed during the tied match against Afghanistan and the Asia Cup final.

In the first ODI, the dominance of Rohit and Kohli prevented the other batsmen, except for Rayudu, to use their willow at all.

There can be two possible solutions for this problem. The first is to change the batting order, which is not advisable as this would make them openers or No. 3 position.

The other and the most probable option is to win the toss and elect to bat first, which would likely give the middle order some time to stay in the middle.

However there is another option which is a bit unrealistic and it is to pray that the top order fall quickly.

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