Official Website of Virat Kohli Gets Hacked By Bangladeshi Fans

Whenever the neighbouring nations India and Bangladesh meet in big tournaments, there has to be a controversy regarding their encounter.

Cricket news: Through their posts they have demanded ICC to apologize and take action against the umpires

Thing did not change during the Asia Cup final where India edged ahead and won the tournament via a last-ball encounter. But the controversy started when Bangladesh batsman Liton Das was given stumped out by third umpire Rod Tucker as there was not part of his body behind the line.

However the fans of the Bangladesh team believes that there was doubts regarding the decision and in that case the benefit of doubt should have gone to the batsman. Had it been so, the match would have ended in their favour.

At that moment, Liton was batting on 121 off 117 deliveries and the fans believe that the score would have changed had Liton continued for some more time.

They felt that Bangladesh have been cheated once again in big tournament and even the Bangladesh skipper Mashrafe Mortaza came up with a witty statement for the incident.

However the fans have come up in their own way to protest against the ‘injustice’ as a group who goes by the name Cyber Security and Intelligence (CSI) have hacked the Indian captain Virat Kohli’s official website.

According to reports in Dhaka Tribune, the group CSI has hacked the website to protest against the umpires and has asked the International Cricket Council (ICC) if they are playing a gentleman’s game.

The ‘Gallery’ part of the website has been hacked where the group has uploaded three pictures about the footage of the dismissal and a message which explained their protest.

“Dear ICC, Didn’t Cricket use to be a gentlemen’s game? Shouldn’t every team have fair rights? Please explain how it was out? If you don’t officially apologize to the whole world and take actions against the umpire then get ready to be hacked every single time you recover the site,” the message read.

Moreover the group has also requested the Indian fans to understand their motive and has urged them to think about the whole incident.

“And my fellow Indian brothers and sisters, we mean no disrespect to you guys. Please think about it. How would you feel if injustice was done with your team? Every single national team should be treated equally in the game,” the message further read.

As of now, the website still remains to be hacked and it will be a matter of time to see if any action is taken against the group for hacking the website of India’s most popular cricketer.