Official : A movie on 1983 World Cup winning cricket team – Team INDIA

A film is planned on the 1983 World cup won by Indian cricket team led by Kapil Dev. A film by Vishnu Induri and to be produced by Phantom Films.

A movie is being planned by Vishnu Induri on the victory of Indian Team in 1983 World Cup led by legendary Kapil Dev inspired after the biopics on M.S.Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar. It is yet an untitled film and to be produced by Phantom Films to be screened in March 2017. Producers believe the World cup winning of 1983 will be a real inspirational event. The producers have marked a Memorandum of Understanding with the 1983 cricket group for this biopic and the makers will have the capacity to utilize the real names of the players and their actual life-occurrences in light of the events.
“The Journey of the 1983 team is a story of inspiration which proves that one can achieve anything if they aim for it and work for it no matter what the world thinks,” said former Indian Skipper and legend Kapil Dev.

“We are super excited about making of the 1983 movie and it’s a huge responsibility on our shoulders to get it right as we don’t get to tell stories like this often,” said Induri and Phantom Films’ Madhu Mantena.