As we all know Kohli has always been a big admirer of Amir and referring to a very recent incident that took place is that Virat gifted his bat to Amir after he returned from a 5 years of suspension

India vs Pakistan has always been a very big rival since the game of Cricket has started but keeping this things aside Amir referred to Virat Kohli as the current best Batsman in the world, it is the statement that shows the true sportsman spirit within the game, which is purely a gentleman’s game

It all started when Amir was chatting in his Twitter account and suddenly a fan asked who according to you the best batsman in the world is, and this is how he reacted

“who is currently the best batsman in the world according to u ?”, the fan asked.

Without elaborating much, Amir took the name of Kohli.

While there were many followers who lauded Amir for his honest opinion, some were not pleased.

Kohli has also been a big admirer of Amir’s talent and had even gifted him a bat after the latter’s return from 5-year suspension.

“I have always believed that he (Amir) is a world class bowler and had he been around for the five years that he was banned, he would have certainly been a top three bowlers in the world. He has a lot of talent, has got pace, bounce a very good yorker,” Kohli said about Amir during the 2016 Asia Cup.

Kohli praised Amir and said that he is one of the greatest bowler of all times and if he would not have been banned for 5 years, he would have been in the top 3 bowling rankings for sure, he is an extraordinary bowler and he proves himself whenever he has got a chance to prove himself

Amir is a true fighter, many of them may lose hope and quit upon the thing but this man stood up tall and hard and made a damaging comeback for the batsmen to think upon, he has got too much variation in his attack so it becomes difficult for the batsmen to tackle them at times

Pakistan has produced world class bowlers since ages and they are very destructive, they seem to snatch wickets at every interval and don’t let the opponent go beyond as of what they want to