Glenn McGrath fears the spinners of India squad as his team recently lost a series against Sri Lanka on 0-3 and the Aussies are scheduled to play another series of  four Test matches in February-March, the following year

Australian team is said to be very poor against spin on the ground and it is proved in the Test series held on Sri Lankan soil. Sri Lanka bet the visitors on 3-0, bowling legend Glenn McGrath belives that the problem needs to be sought out or else the whole team needs to suffer. Already they were being white-washed by Sri Lanka and Australian squad do not want to repeat the same.

“Especially with the way things went in Sri Lanka on turning wickets, they have got a lot of work to do between now and then. The Aussies will find it tough in India unless they turn things around pretty quickly. They really get too defensive and look to survive. They need to find a way as a team or as an individual to cope with the turning wickets. They should have the intent to score runs. They just can’t look to survive,” said McGrath.

According to the legend, Australian team was badly bombed because of captain Steve Smith. The skipper made a sudden move and handed over the post of captain to David Warner.

“I’m not sure about the exact reason behind Steve’s going home early, whether he had niggles or something else. David Warner will enjoy the captaincy. I think they will play well once they go back to Australia,” expressed the bowling legend.

Australia is to play a series of four Test matches against India, the coming year and McGrath fears for his team, the problem against the spinners became his biggest fear and he need to control it or no one can save the Aussies from being doomed in foreign soil.

“I think you will get good crowd when Australia are here, especially if India are winning. I think a lot of Indians like to see Australia getting beaten. Test cricket is still the ultimate and young people should hold it in high regard. I used to have concerns about T20 cricket and its impact in the game but I think it can have a positive impact by bringing new people into the game to watch it and to play. That might filter up to the Test level,” added McGrath.