Legendary Indian Captain Believes Sami Cannot Cheat His Wife & Country: Cricket Buzz

Cricket News: India’s legendary cricketer MS Dhoni has broken his silence and came out defending Mohammed Shami concerning the allegations levelled against him by him wife Hasin Jahan.

Cricket buzz: MS Dhoni is very much certain about the fact that Mohammed Shami can’t his wife and Country.

In an exclusive interview, MS Dhoni said, “As much as I know, Shami is a great human being and he can’t cheat his wife and country.”

Former Indian Skipper MS Dhoni who played vital role in up bring of Indian talents over the year; Shami is also among of them whose career has been shaped up by MSD.

MS Dhoni protested strongly and urged no one should make comment or interface in Shami’s personal life. “It is Shami’s personal life and we should not comment on it,” MS Dhoni said.

Previously, India’s 1983 world winning captain Kapil dev also backed the 27-year-old pacer saying he doesn’t believe on the allegations put up against shami.

“I refuse to believe the allegations that have been leveled by Shami’s wife. If she knew about match-fixing then why didn’t she report it earlier? When the relationship was fine, why was she silent then? There is an investigation team. Let them do their work. If Shami has done something like this then it is unacceptable and disgraceful,” Kapil had said to ABP News.

“Shami is a brilliant hardworking cricketer. I agree that his personal relationship is in trouble currently but such kinds of allegations by his wife are nasty and sickening until proven,” he further said.