Kohli, The Emergency No 4 Batsman : Sunil Gavaskar

Recently Ravi Shastri , gave an opinion of using India Captain Virat Kohli as a No 4 batsman. The Indian Head Coach could use Kohli as a backup No 4 Batsman in the coming World Cup. Since then , there has been a debate about his position. 

As India has a weak no 4 spot . Players like Ambati Rayudu , Vijay Shankar are unable to fill it. Due to this factor , if situation demands , Shastri might use Kohli at that position. Shastri thinks.

Due to Shastri’s comments, a stir has been caused in the Indian cricketing circles. Kohli has always been the main player behind the team. He has always batted at No 3 all his career.According to some former players, Changing his position might hamper his performance . So, it is not a such good idea.

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Here are Shastri’s comments to Cricbuzz :

The good thing about this Indian top-three is we can separate them if conditions and situations demand. Someone like Virat Kohli can go to number four, and we can put a good number three to bring more balance to the batting line-up.

That’s flexibility for you, and for big tournaments like the World Cup, you have to be flexible to see what’s the best balance for the side. So we will decide that (accordingly in England).

Maybe Rayudu, or someone else, could bat at number three, and Kohli comes in at number four. We wouldn’t want to disturb the opening combination. Separating the top-three could make the batting stronger.

Former skipper, Sourav ganguly also disagred with Shastri’s decision. According to Ganguly , the team’s combination should not be hampered. But Sunil Gavaskar thinks otherwise. He thinks Kohli is a class apart and needs no protection. And if any situation arises , he can be used at No 4.

Kohli needs No Protection

According to Sunil Gavaskar , he told to India Today :

The best batsman in the world needs no protection in the batting order. But sometimes you have to assess the conditions. There could be a lot of swing and movement in the air in England… and if the opposition makes over 350 and India lose the first wicket early, then Kohli could be protected and sent at No.4.

This is the very reason why it is really important for India to select its third opener who is technically sound. Because the ball swings and seams around in England . But if the conditions are not very different then Kohli should bat at No.3.