Kohli Assures His Fans of His Presence at Nottingham Test

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli said that he is confident that he will be part of the playing XI in the third Test match against England which is to be played at Trent Bridge in Nottingham.

Cricket news: Kohli had suffered from a back sprain and was out of the field during the Lord’s Test

However he has also said that he might not be 100% fit while fielding or running between the wickets.

Kohli had suffered from a lower back strain and because of which he had to remain off the field for majority of the time on Day 3 and early Day 4 of the Lord’s Test.

Due to the time lost in the field, he had to come out to bat at No.5 in place of usual No.4 as enough time had not passed.

Kohli kept struggling while batting and his struggle increased while running between the wickets as he was clearly seen limping through for his runs.

During the middle of his knock the physio had to check on with him and Kohli had to take some painkillers to carry on.

During the post-match presentation when asked about his injury he said, “Five days to go, (I) should be okay. (It’s the) lower back issue coming up again and again, purely because of the workload. Confident I’ll be fine in five days’ time.”

He also explained how he struggled to run and might have to take some off the field so that it dies not aggravate the injury.

“The back is one thing that can be very tricky when it goes off. It happened during the latter half of the last leg of the South Africa tour when I missed a T20 game because that was very sudden. It happened one day before.

“The good thing is I have five days before the next Test. We are confident with rehabilitation and strengthening, I should be ready for the next game although not (with) the same intensity in the field but I should be good enough to hold a position in the field and be 100% with the bat.

“Again I will have to look at the running bit of things which was difficult today. As of now it is sore. I am not hiding that fact, but that is part of the game. I had to do what I could do to go there and bat again and try my best.”

With the do-or-die game coming India would pray that their captain gets well soon as he is undoubtedly the best batsmen in the series so far for the visitors.

He scored 149 and 51 in the Edgbaston Test but could not replicate the same at Lord’s as he scored 23 and 17, but still he will be crucial as India would hope to turn around the 2-0 deficit at Trent Bridge.