KL Rahul needs to play Continuously in order to Cope up with the different formats


KL Rahul  as we all know is a magnificient player and he plays his shots to such perfection that it becomes a treat to watch him on the field, but the youngster need to know the importance of being continous on the pitch to avoid the momentum that he has gained

He is such a brilliant player that he makes his way out in the team whenever Kl Rahul gets a chance to be in the squad, his injuries has come out in his way a lot and this has definitely been the centre of focus for his form getting weaker day-by-day 

The reason that BBCI and the selectors gave was that he is being very poor with his performance in the limited overs of the game and so is the reason stated by the sources

As of now he is doing very well in the longer version of the game but he is not quiet able to change the same in the limited overs of the game and       KL Rahul has accepted the fact that he is not doing well in the games but the inspiring message that he has sent to his fans out there is worth mentioning as he won millions of heart by the tweet he made upon the non-selection of his

KL Rahul is very positive with his thoughts and is not allowing any negativity to surpass him and the person is very confident upon his comeback thing

The statement goes like this:- “ WORK HARD, STAY HUMBLE AND TRUST THE PROCESS” is exactly as of what he tweeted in his official twitter account

As we all know the player has proved himself at every aspect of the game and he is definitely a game changer, he hits it so well and clean that it becomes very tough to judge him at times

KL Rahul is undoubtedly a fantastic player and he keeps on motivating and inspiring his team mates with such positive attitude and energy he brings it on the field