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Who is Joe root’s wife Carrie Cotterell?

Joe root's wife

Joe Root’s wife, Carrie Cotterell, once worked as a bartender in England. The bar, The Arc, is located in Leeds’ Headingley neighborhood, which serves as the base for the Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

The former England captain Joe Root used to play for this club on a domestic level.

This is also the area where the lovely couple is claimed to have first met, according to legend.

When and Where was Joe root’s wife was born?

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Joe root wife Carrie Cotterell was born in the year 1991. The exact date of the birth of Joe Root wife is not known as Joe root’s wife revealed that she likes to keep things private about herself.

Carrie Cotterell was born in England but she is of British origin as her ancestors are believed to be from Britain.

Who are the parents of Carrie Cotterell?

The wife of the former England men’s test captain Joe root never revealed anything about her past life.

Joe root’s wife liked to keep it low-key and avoids media attention.

She never revealed anything about who are her parents, what do they do or what they did earlier to earn bread, who are her siblings or from where do they belong.

Joe root’s wife did this just to keep her family out of media attention as well so that she and her family could live a free and peaceful life to stay out of unnecessary controversies.

Where did Joe root wife Carrie Cotterell get her education from?

Joe Root and Carrie Cotterell never revealed anything about the past life of Joe Root wife any including her educational background.

According to the reports, Carrie was not so good in their studies and was never interested in their studies. Nothing is known regarding the degree she holds as well.

What does Joe root’s wife do?


The wife of the international cricket star was a waitress at a bar in Headingly in Leeds which was named as The Arc. No one knows where was she before that and even if someone knows, they have no plans of revealing it in order to maintain her privacy of Carrie.

At present, after getting married to her love joe root, she is a normal homemaker and a mother. Joe root did not force carrie to quit her job but it was Carrie’s decision to be fully devoted to her family.

How did Joe root and Carrie meet?

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While playing for the Yorkshire County club in 2014, after the first test match with the club, the test cricketer went to a bar in Headingly in Leeds.

Coincidentally he went at the same bar where Carrie used to work, The Arc.

This was the first time they saw each other.

How did the love between the couple grow?

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Soon after meeting for the first time, the couple had a few conversations then seeing the goodness and humbleness in Joe root, Carrie just knew that he was the guy she had been searching for so long.

Late in 2014, the couple started dating but preferred to keep things low key seeing the popularity of the England cricketer.

When did Joe root propose carrie?


While joe root was ready to play an important role for the England National team at the 2016 T20 cricket world cup but just before leaving with the team, joe root had some other plans.

Before leaving with the team, Root confessed his feelings to Carrie and finally pulled out a ring and popped the big question. Joe root’s wife Carrie without a second thought said yes and Root was the happiest man.

Is Joe root married?

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Finally after two years of being engaged with each other, the couple finally tied the knot on 1st December 2018 at Joe root’s hometown.

Joe root married the love of his life finally and seemed to be the happiest.

Does Joe root wife have kids?

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On 7th January 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Alfred william root. On the birth occasion of Alfred William, Carrie posted on Instagram saying ” If he grows up to be half the man you are, he’s an absolute diamond.” dedicating to her husband joe root.

On 8th July 2020, the couple welcomed a baby girl named Isabella.

What have Joe and Carrie said about each other?

Joe Root’s significant other uncovered that her better half passing on her to proceed to play Test matches is difficult however she comprehends it is an integral part of the marriage.

Carrie said: “It never gets easier but I’m so proud of all that you do and the sacrifices that you make.

“Our beautiful little family makes me so happy – you are one in a million.”

Carried Also Added:“If he grows up to be half the man you are, he’s an absolute diamond.”

In the mean time, Root admitted that he is concerned his obligation to cricket might drive Carrie to become irritated.

The English Batter Said:

I don’t sleep at all during Test matches. It is a nightmare.

“I don’t know what it is. A lot of the time I’m not thinking about cricket. I am just sat there buzzing that I am involved in the game.

“It is not just sleep. I will be out for dinner with my girlfriend and I’ll not be listening to what she’s saying.

“You end up missing conversations and having to repeat them because you are thinking about cricket.

“I am thinking about the game and what we could have done. It must wind her up.”

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