Jason Gillespie, he former fast bowler for the Aussies feels that Root is capable enough to take over the captaincy from the hands of Cook and will be doing much better in coming future.

It is most likely and is expected from the ECB to appoint Root as the next English captain as he is in his peakiest form and doing all well for the team

Gillespie, who coached Root at Yorkshire, told “He came through the ranks fairly quickly, so he just hasn’t had the opportunity to captain regularly. You see everyone talking about inexperience and this and that. There are a lot of captains around in their mid-to-late 20s so I don’t see that being an issue. 

“I genuinely think Joe is up to that task, I don’t see any reason why he won’t be successful. He’ll take the expectation in his stride and I think he’ll be absolutely fine. He’ll also have one of the game’s most experienced leaders to lean on too. The biggest asset Joe will have is Alastair Cook in the dressing room, having him in his corner as a support will be a really positive thing for Joe.” 

Inspite of all the gains for the team that has occurred in the recent past and Root was the integral Captain for the team , he is just criticized for his unaggressive behavior and calmness over any matter.

“One thing Joe wouldn’t do from my own experiences is let things drift along as captain,” he said. “He’ll be trying to make things happen, trying to create those moments. I think he’ll take it upon himself to try to create something if there’s a lull in the game rather than just let the game go. He’ll try to take the bull by the horns.” 

Smith, Kohli and Williamson all average more as captain than as regular players and Gillespie believes the same benefit could befall Root’s game. “I don’t see why not. You’ve just mentioned three wonderful, wonderful cricketers and they’re each becoming wonderful leaders of their country. We’re blessed to see four of the genuine greats of the game, these four incredible batsmen going around at the same time.

“In the 1980s we got to watch four great all-rounders in Kapil Dev, Imran Khan, Richard Hadlee and Ian Botham. This reminds me of that. That was four great all-rounders for four different in countries in 80s. In the 2010s we’ve got these four great batsmen, all plying their trades for their countries.”