As per the INDIAN CRICKET NEWSEngland’s all-rounder Ben Strokes exchanged words with the Indian Captain Virat Kohli during the commencement of the match while Strokes was batting on the field.

Srokes has been charged by the ICC for using abusive words and there was a heated exchange of words between the duos but the English player seems to fall in the eyes of ICC, but as a matter of surprise Strokes has been charged by the ICC but the Indian captain Virat Kohli was set free without any question despite of giving a heated send off by Virat Kohli while Strokes got out the previous afternoon.

Kohli who was being earlier approached by the umpires for throwing a ball on Jonny Bairstow and after Strokes got stumped by Ravidra Jadeja at the score of 29 and was given a spicy send off by the Indian Captain, it was then Strokes stopped by and exchange some really abusive words.

Jonny who was at the non-striker end being asked upon the heated conversation he said:

 “I didn’t actually hear anything, because there are a lot of squealing people in the crowds. I couldn’t (tell you) the exact words that were said.

“It’s something that’s probably going more out of the game, verbals and things like that. If you go back 10 years it was a bigger part of the game. But I think you’ve also got to respect you’ve got guys out there who are very passionate, representing their country in the heat of battle.

“At some point, there are going to be words said. That’s the nature of professional sport. But I don’t know what was said. I don’t really get too involved with all that kind of stuff.”

Strokes is a very aggressive player and during the last series at Bangladesh he was charged 15% of the match fees for using abusive words against their player