Indian Cricket News: India Very Interested To Leave a Strong Impact on the Aussies


As per the Indian Cricket News is concerned the board has started up a rotation policy that gives ample chances to many of the players who remains underrated and otherwise it was difficult for them to prove their dominance in the world cricket

And after the rule has been applied on the team members and the management as well the players who were not getting much exposure by the BCCI are getting helped to a lot extent .

The Indian Cricket News has been in the spotlight as they are doing very well for the nation and the recently concluded India vs Sri Lanka tour was a grand celebration to cheer upon, and they have been enjoying since than after whitewashing the host at their own home ground 

“All the guys are raring to go,” Badani said on Monday (September 11). “It’s good chance to get some runs on board and get wickets on board too and get back to the national side. Younger guys too will look have a good hit. Yes it is a good side they are going to play but they are tough enough and have seen enough about playing at the highest level. So they are up and ready.

“I would go back to personal experience. I was out of the side for a couple of years (in 2003) and got a 100 in a side game against New Zealand and that kind of paved my way back into the ODI side. They do realise come these matches one good knock or a five-wicket haul gets them back into the reckoning. They have been working hard all through the year to be where they are now. Having said that it’s now on the individuals to take up the opportunity and grab it and take it forward.”

“I am really excited especially because I made my debut against Australia. So I have got an opportunity to play against them again. Looking forward to the chance,” Mann said.

“I think there is every possibility about that. But it’s just that wherever you get selected you need to perform at your best. All of us are looking at this game and focusing on this game and performing better. Rest is with the selectors’ hands. We will have to perform wherever we get selected be it Duleep or this game. There wasn’t any message as of now,” Mann said.

While it’s only a practice game ahead of the ODI series, Badani has no plans to make it easy for the visitors. “We will look to field the best side. I don’t think we are looking at giving them practice. The idea of the practice match from their side might be that it is a practice game, but I think from our mindset we are looking to play to the best of our potential. When it comes to these boys, the idea is to score runs and pick wickets because these guys are looking at an opportunity like this. If one of them go on to do will, then they are back in the reckoning. People start looking at them as the future. And I would just think that we are going to play our best cricket.”

The clash will take place on September 12 before India and Australia start the series in Chennai before heading to Kolkata, Indore, Bengaluru and Nagpur of the ODIs.