MS Dhoni belives that his team saw worse faces than the present situation



Indian limited overs captain is not at all happy with the statement of West Indies skipper Carlos Brathwaite’s statement that Indian team was unable to show improvements in the last game. Dhoni replying for this, said that his team faced worst than this.


"What the umpires told us was that there was not adequate equipment over here and the condition of it (ground) was quite bad, so because the conditions wouldn't improve we won't be able to play a game. That's a call that the match officials have to make. I've played close to 10 years of international cricket and frankly I've played under worse conditions.”

"If I remember in 2011, the whole ODI series that we played in England, it was literally playing under the rain. Ultimately the umpires decide, so they decide you play, we play. If they say okay it was unfit for play, it was unfit for play," added the limited overs Indian skipper.

 "It was on this [west] side where me and Bravo were standing but it was far away from all the run-ups of the bowlers. There is no Shoaib Akhtar in their team so I don't think it was a big concern."

"I don't think the wicket changed a lot. It is same as the last wicket. It is the exposure that they had in the last game, it gave them the ability to go back and think about their own game plan and often when there is no break between two matches, it actually helps the bowlers to quickly go back and plan.” concluded Dhoni.