INDIA CRICKET NEWS – Yuvraj Singh was on the emotional side while delivering a farewell message to the champion Nehra ji


The much loved cricketer of all times Yuvraj Singh expressed his love tributing Ashish Nehra on his farewell through his Facebook account by sharing many of their memorable moments and his journey in the Indian cricket team 

Yuvraj Singh shared all the moments he could since 2000 when he and Nehra started playing together for the Indian Team and since than it has been a very tough time for the champ as he has suffered through many injuries and wounds since than 

This is what the prince of Bengal said on this account:

“Sourav Ganguly gave Ashu the nickname Popat as he talked a lot. I mean he can talk even under water! Plus he is hilarious. For me he doesn’t need to speak, there is something about his body language that is so funny. Agar aap Ashish Nehra ksaath ho to aap ka din kharaab nahin jaa sakta…NO CHANCE. Wo banda aap kohassa-hassa k gira dega. I have never told him this but secretly I have drawn inspiration from him. I used to think that if this guy at the age of 38, with all his injuries and surgeries can bowl fast then why can’t I bat at 36. Frankly this is what is keeping me going even today,” Yuvi wrote in his Facebook post.

Describing Nehra’s qualities as a human being, the stylish left-hander wrote:“Ashish Nehra – The first thing that I can say about my buddy Ashu is that he is an extremely honest man…woh dil ka bahut saaf aadmi hai. Perhaps only a holy book is more honest than him. I know a few jaws are dropping and a many more eyes are popping out after reading this. At times we all can be judgemental about people and life. Public figures even more so and are judged on various parameters. In this case Ashu was too straightforward for some people and suffered because of that. But to me he was always Ashu or Nehra ji, a fun guy who was honest and never let his team down.”

Stressing on Nehra’s immense willpower to keep going despite being an injury prone individual for the most part of his career, Yuvi elaborated: “Ashu has had 11 surgeries – elbow, hip, ankle, finger, both knees just to name a few. But what kept him going were his hard work and the burning desire to do well. I remember during the 2003 World Cup he badly twisted his ankle. There was no way he could have played the next game against England.

But Nehra ji kept pestering everyone that he wants to play. By the end of it all even the hotel attendants in Durban knew how keen Ashu was! Agley 72 hours us nay 30-40 baar apney ankle ki icingkaree, taping karee, pain-killers khayey and rather miraculously was ready to play. The outside world thought he didn’t care but we knew how much he did. Six wickets for 23 runs and India beat England by 82 runs.