Virat Kohli told the sources that he will be going for a fitness test before the start of the fourth test against Australia on 25th March in Dharamsala

Virat kohli is currently leading the team in all the three formats of the game and having him injured in this series is a very uplifting setback for the team as he is currently in the best form of his career and not having him in the side will be irreplaceable.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Kohli said, “If I get through the fitness test, then I’ll play. (We) probably will take a call later tonight or tomorrow.”

He also stressed that there would be no special treatment meted out to him as far as injury management is concerned. “When we put these things in place, first thing I said was I’m not different from anyone else. Same process applies to me as it does for all the members of the team. There is no special treatment for anyone,” Kohli said. “If I’m 100 per cent fit for the game, is the only condition that I’ll take the field. The rules are the same for everyone and it applies for everyone,” he added.

Kohli wasn’t willing to divulge the magnitude of the risk involved if he were to take the field, but pointed out that net sessions are different from actual game time. The Indian skipper felt that he will be able to gauge all of it only after the fitness test. “Risks, yeah, the physio can explain that better. I don’t know the magnitude of the risk. All I know is that, if I get through the fitness test, then I’ll take the field.

“It’s (batting in nets) very different from competition. That’s one thing. That’s something I experienced in Ranchi. When you have reactive movements is when the main magnitude of your injury comes out. Those are the things we’ll have to look at. The physio wants to take a little more time before I can test myself. (We) probably will take a call later tonight or tomorrow morning. We have to give that much time more before we take a call.

“Of course, you want to push yourself to be fit. But at times you have to understand where your body stands as well. It’s not an injury caused due to lack of fitness. It’s an impact injury. All those things need to be kept in mind. That’s why I said we need to give it more time to test with the physio. It’s a full match scenario, bowling at 140kmps, playing against that bowling. Reactive movements in the field like I do when I’m 100 per cent… As a player, as a captain you want to push yourself to take the field. We have to wait a bit more before we take the decision,” he said.

Kohli also believed that the team will be ready for the game even if he had to miss out. “Every match is as crucial for me. It’s no different. It can be made out to be as the most important game of my career or my captaincy career. I won’t put it that way. I don’t see any other game or any other opposition different from anyone else. Those things remain the same in my head. I want to be 100 per cent fit but at some point you have to understand that these things are a part of your career as well. These things are bound to happen.

“You might be very, very fit but an impact injury is an impact injury. I have to accept that fact and try to get 100 per cent. If not, I’m sure the guys will take it as an opportunity to take the team ahead. Everyone’s really proud and motivated to play for the country. Me playing or not playing should not be so much of a difference to the other ten guys because they have a responsibility to fulfill as well.

“I’ve not done anything special in the series so far but still the guys have fought it out. That shows why we are the No. 1 team in the world. We have quality players in the side who want to step up in these opportunities. If that scenario happens, I’m sure probably the others are looking at it as a game-changing game of their lives. It’s how you look at a particular scenario. So everyone’s optimistic about tomorrow, regardless,” he said.