After a long 13 tests being played within the country and even proving their dominance in the foreign soil this man has created history and is living upto the expectations of the fans as well


Sri Lanka , South Africa, England & Australia this are the line ups that Team India will be touring during the year and the tour against Australia might go nearer to 2018 or may exceed this year


Indian Captain Virat Kohli adjoining hands with the new head coach Ravi Shastri  has high hopes regarding conquering the nations overseas too, and Kohli is confident about the fact that his team mates are playing very well and they will definitely prove their dominance in the overseas tour too


Virat Kohli’s first away assignment came into play during the Sri Lanka test at Gelle where tem India went on winning the match to losing it which was definitely a disaster for team India, after that India stormed back and captured both the matches after then and won the series 2-1


"That tour for us was a landmark tour because the players have matured from then on. It's been 24 months since then, but that tour was the start of our belief system that we can win away from home," Kohli said. "We do have the side required to win away from home and we do have the culture that has been created in the team to win whatever Test matches or series that we play. The mindset was to try and win the series. Losing the first Test was a shock to us but the way we bounced back was only because of the team culture created at that stage. We showed more belief in our abilities and that we could win from any situation and from then on you could see the results that we have had so far. The same mindset would apply now what we started back in 2015."


A lot has happened to Indian Cricket in the past 2-3 months as the ugly scenario between the Captain Kohli and the legend of Indian Cricket Kumble took place which ultimately resulted in Kumble resigning from the post of Head Coach due to some clash of Ideas or thinking’s between them 


"I only have the bat in hand and my job is to go out there and control what's been done on the field," he said. "That's something that I have focused on in the last couple of months and I continue to do so, lot of speculation and things fly around – those things are not in my control. (I) try to bring the best out of this team along with the management and try to perform to the best of my abilities which I believe."

When asked if there was any added pressure on him after the recent events, Kohli sounded a tad philosophical when he said, "I don't think there is any added pressure. What has to happen will happen, I believe in that. As a team we aspire to achieve what we want to achieve. Being criticised is nothing new – we understand that aspect of playing the sport as well. I certainly don't take any added pressure. You just need to take care of your mindset and move forward."