Hardik Pandya as we all know is in the peak form of his life and he is hitting shots down and over the ground with such ease that it seems no difficulty for him to finish things up.

As of now he has become an integral member of the squad and is proving himself in almost all the game he has been playing and some match winning knocks from his bat is really appreciable 

The 23 year lad is performing constantly for his nation and he is leaving no steps undone for his side and the quality he has gained over the past couple of years is really very stunning from is part

He is a perfect example of an all-rounder for a side and on being asked about is development he said he is trying more on improving upon his bowling skills and will definitely come up with more match winning knocks for his nation

“(I’m) pretty happy with the way things are going for me. I’ve been working hard on both the bowling and the batting. I’m trying to keep it simple and things are turning (out) pretty well,” Pandya said on Tuesday.

Elaborating on how he’s improved his bowling and trying to make every opportunity count, Pandya said: “You need to (mix you’re lengths), it’s more of a batsman’s game now so you need to have some variations where you can come up with different deliveries. I feel that it’s important to bowl six different deliveries. I try to keep it simple but when you know that the batsman is coming after you, you need to bowl different deliveries where you can outplay the batsman, you think slightly ahead of the batsman.

“In my 16-game career, I’ve realised that the batsmen will come hard at me. Instead of thinking that they are going to hit me I look at it as a chance to get them out. It always gives you the opportunity when they come hard at you, you have the opportunity to get them out. In that way I’m getting wickets. There are days when I get hit as well, that’s normal, that’s cricket in the end. But I always take it as a challenge,” he said.

“I feel that you should be brave enough to do things. I back my game, I back myself, I see the situation and I like to play accordingly. I don’t count myself as a one-dimensional player. I feel that I should see the scoreboard and play accordingly. That’s how I’m going to learn cricket and that’s how I’m going to make sure that I finish the games,” he said.

“I’ve been known for my sixes but I’ve played those (hard-working) innings as well. Throughout my life I’ve batted at a number where I can just go out and hit from the first ball. In the last game the situation required me to play for singles, which I was doing. Unfortunately, I got out but my plan was always that I should finish the game, take the game deep,” Pandya added.