The off spinner Harbhajan Singh showed his disappointment over not getting selected in the National side even after performing so well in the IPL, he said to an interview to NDTV that the names of Gautam Gambhir and himself were not even considered for the big game

He said in the interview that Gautam Gambhir having the most number of runs in this season of IPL was not even given a thought before not including him and me in the squad as well

“Why do we play such tournaments (IPL)? We play to get selected to play for India. If people are doing well. Let’s talk about Gautam Gambhir. He has the most number of runs consistently. If I talk about myself, yes, you know we all were hoping that we might be somewhere in the mix,” Harbhajan said on Thursday (May 25).

“But knowing that in my scenario I knew that if Ashwin will be fit then he will be there in the team and if he is not then I have a chance.”

The Chairman of selectors MSK Prasad had recently stated that MS Dhoni continues to get picked in the side despite not being at his best with the bat because of the other qualities he offers to the team. When quizzed, Harbhajan admitted that he doesn’t get such ‘privileges’ despite being an experienced campaigner like Dhoni.

‘”Yes there is no doubt that Dhoni brings a lot to the table apart from his batting, whether he is in form or not,” Harbhajan said. “Obviously we have seen that he is not hitting the ball as well as we have seen. But he has been captain and he understands the game and having him in the middle will help lot of youngsters and people out there who are not feeling great in particular moments. So he has that edge.”

“But when it comes to me. I do feel that we are not given that sort of privilege. We too have played for 19 years and won and lost India matches. I have won two World Cups too. So this privilege is for some players, and for some it is not and I’m one of those for whom this privilege is not there. I don’t know why that is the case.”

When asked ‘why’ he doesn’t get that ‘privilege’, Harbhajan retorted by saying “I don’t know, it’s a very valid question.”

The 36-year-old also revealed there has been no communication between him and the selectors regarding the areas he needs to work on to be back in contention. ‘See if someone comes and tells me that this is one thing that is lacking in you that’s the reason you’re not there in the squad but nobody has told me,” he pointed out.

“There is no communication. If someone tells me this is how fit we need you to be, at the end I want to play for India so I will work on it. I don’t know my weakness because nobody has spoken to me. None of the selectors, no one actually. But I’ve always felt that when I do, I get somewhere so I’m working hard and I’m sure I’ll get somewhere.”

Apart from the Champions Trophy snub, the veteran was also not pleased with missing the IPL playoffs despite being the most economical bowler for Mumbai Indians. “Obviously frustrating when you’re sitting out and watching the game and it is something which is out of your control,” he said.

“Till last year, I was part of the management that used to pick the playing XI. But this time I needed to spend time with my family. I respect the management’s decision. I won’t cry about this. I am a team man. Mahela (Jayawardene) spoke to me about a lot of right-handers in the Pune team so they want to play a leg-spinner but whatever wickets I’ve taken, whether its Test cricket or One-day cricket or T20s, it was mostly against right-handers.”