The captain of the Delhi cricket team Gambhir has been announced a four match ban from the Vijaya Hazare Trophy for the altercation of his coach K.P Bhaskar.

Sen’s decision comes with the condition that Gambhir should accept the order, and that such incidents shouldn’t be repeated.

“I consider it appropriate and expedient, while accepting the report & recommendations of the committee, to suspend the punishment for a period of two years ending on30th March 2019conditional on Gambhir accepting this order and provided he does not commit any similar transgressions,” Sen said in his official statement.

To trace back the issue, Gambhir was said to be involved in an ugly dressing room confrontation with the coach early this year in Cuttack. Though in denial of the reports, Gambhir was pretty vocal about Delhi cricket’s culture after the alleged incident.

“If protecting a youngster is a crime, I am guilty. If making 20-22 year olds feel secure in an insecure environment is a crime, then I am guilty. But I could not have let this man (Bhaskar) play with careers of young players like Unmukt Chand and Nitish Rana,” he had said said in an interview.
“Dressing room is a private environment. It’s like a bedroom. There may be many discussions but that’s not supposed to be discussed with media. I never spoke what all he (Bhaskar) said after we lost a T20 match in Himachal as to what laurels he had brought to Delhi cricket and where these youngsters are taking it to? Is it how you deal with youngsters?”

Sen said that the committee was set up when the matter could not be resolved with mere talks with the parties. “Having learnt of an incident, which occurred when the team from DDCA was in Orissa, in which an altercation between Gautam Gambhir and Bhasker Pillai had transpired, and pursuant to a complaint received from Pillai, I met both persons on 10th March 2017. The matter could not be amicably and satisfactorily resolved,” he said.

“The Committee Members agree that considering the above facts and circumstances that have come to light, Mr Gambhir’s actions towards Mr Pillai with premeditated intent to humiliate the coach were highly inappropriate and of serious nature. It is recommended that such inappropriate behaviour requires to be penalised not only in a proportionate manner, but in a manner that has a deterrent effect so that it is not repeated and such issues are taken seriously by all team members.”

The committee also proposed setting up a proper grievance redressal system after the incident. “The Committee also recommends, in view of the significant grievances raised by Mr Gambhir during the hearing, which seem to have been given vent to in an inappropriate manner on account of lack of a proper grievance redressal system for the team members, that a grievance redressal system within the team is urgently required,” it said in a statement. “It is also recommended that disciplinary action rules and mechanism of imposing penalty are required to be formulated to inculcate discipline in the team members and for predictability and deterrence, where players know that an act of indiscipline would have serious repercussions and are therefore deterred from committing them.”