This is a very major issue that weather the ongoing test between India VS New Zealand will continue or not, but the Lodha committee has confirmed in the Supreme Court that they have not banned any check release issue but has just told the banks not to issue any big amount to the state Association.

It was just a rumour regarding that the BCCI is compiled from the banks by the Lodha Panel, and they have cleared it by saying it was just an assumption by the Board or by any other sources.

Justice RM Lodha reiterated that his e-mails were misinterpreted by the Indian board, saying, “We have not frozen any of the accounts … routine expenses for matches, cricket activities and administrative matters are not restrained.”

Thakur said that a decision will be taken by the Board on Wednesday in order to decide whether the ongoing series will carry on or will be stopped. 

“The BCCI doesn’t take money from the government. It is very disappointing that our accounts were frozen. This is a serious threat to our autonomy,” Thakur said. “I am not even sure whether the Lodha committee is actually empowered to freeze our accounts. And if the Lodha committee has not stopped money being paid to the state associations, then we need to find out under whose orders the banks stopped payments.”

Thakur said that it was quiet a matter of shock for him that his request was not been processed for the increment of salary of the test players despite being top in the list.

“On one hand, our Test team climbs to the number one spot in rankings while on the other hand if we try to increase the fees of the players from 7 lakh to 15 lakh then such things become questionable. The BCCI has done exemplary work in the last few years. Our domestic tournaments are the biggest in the world. Our U-19 team is also doing well.

“When we talk about allotting money to state associations to arrange matches then they restrain us from doing so. Now it is up to the state associations whether they will be able to conduct matches or not. The members are pained at the treatment meted out to them,” he said, before adding: “There is too much interference at the moment.”