Due to Pulwama Attacks, DSport stops PSL Brodcast

After the Pulwama terrorist attack , DSport the broadcaster of Pakistan Super League stopped broadcasting PSL matches immediately.

The Pulwama Attacks has shock the entire nation quite hard. A cowardly terrorist attack on a convoy, got 44 soldiers martyred. It was unimaginble act and the Indians have taken it seriously. It was a matter of grave issue.

Several Protests and Rallies are carried out in the country. The people are agitated against such act and DSport is not far behind. DSport the television broadcaster of Pakistan’s PSL has stopped broadcasting the league.

The Indian Government has also taken a stand against it.Earlier Government withdrew the ‘Most Favoured Nation (MNF)’ status from Pakistan.Customs duties has been hiked upto 200 per cent on all imported goods from Pakistan.

As a mark of protest, DSports the broadcaster of Pakistan’s PSL matches has stopped airing. It was stopped with immediate effect . Since then it has been showing other shows and other games of other leagues. 

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No PSL matches to be aired by DSports

The Pakisthan Super League or PSL is already dealing several damages .

Due to a logistical issue, Pitbull has not attended the opening ceremony . A lot of expectations were broken that day .There have been 4 or 5 matches so far when a important broadcaster has decided to pullout.

 The match between Islamabad United and Multan Sultans was not broadcasted completely. It was the Fourth match of the tournament. FRom then onwards no game was aired. It was totally a unknown cause as no further developments have occured.

It is also unknown if further negotiation talks between Pakistan Board and DSports will occur to set things right.

On the other hand , a Fantasy Cricket League has also stopped all its fantasy cricket leagues of Pakistan .

But onething is for sure. Nobody tolerates terrorism and such acts are condemn able. People who do such stuff and people who support them , are equally guilty.