Yet another chase that went down for Dhoni yesterday at the 2nd ODI against New Zealand, it was just run a ball condition after the 33rd over but inspite of those easy reoccurring’s they failed to do so.

After that gradually the innings went on the asking rate touched to 7 and when it a major requirement for a partnership and that was the time when they failed to do so.

“What happened here is that it the wicket was slightly slow. What generally happens is when the you have dew, the ball still comes on to the bat better. [But] I felt it was best to bat in the day time and as the game kept progressing the wicket got slightly slower and slower,” Dhoni assessed, after India’s defeat in New Delhi on Thursday (October 20).

“If you see, there were quite a few partnerships but we kept losing wickets after every partnership,” he said. “When you are chasing a score like this it is important that you need to keep a few wickets because the runs were coming. Even if you need six or seven runs an over in the end, it can easily be achieved, but our problem was that we kept losing the wickets. In fact in the 41st over, we lost two wickets. It’s not about one batsman, I felt throughout we lost wickets. Any batsman could have said that had I contributed 10 percent more we would have won the game.

“Also, if you lose one or two wickets,that slows you down to an extent and then if you have that partnership. (If you) still lose a wicket again then again you have to start from scratch,” he added.

“It’s a difficult one because I always wanted to bat up the order and wanted to play few more strokes but it’s not an easy thing to do when you are batting and if people keep losing their wickets from the other end. You need some kind of a partnership. Ultimately, when you are chasing you just have to calculate according to that. May be 47th or 48th over if you can finish the game, it is good enough.”

“You always have to target who are the bowlers you want to hit and in these kinds of situation even the last ball counts,” he said. “So it is always a good exposure for a player when he is under the pump and it always teaches you a lot. May be if that shot would have gone over point it could have been a boundary and everything would have been different. He is still learning and it will be harsh on him [to expect to take the game until the final over].”