Mahendra Singh Dhoni the name itself is a legend and he is the most successful captain for India in the ODI, who recently registered a series win against New Zealand.

Dhoni is already on the way and pulled up his shocks to build up a very strong and reliable team foe the world cup that is to be held in England. The legend will definitely take a major step regarding his ODI career after the 2017 champion’s trophy.

As per the sources close to him has said that he is not looking to retire in this position and is way focused towards his fitness and other activities that will make him survive in the Game. And after a big bang win against the New Zealand he is focused on the champion’s trophy.

Dhoni retired from the test in 2014 to explore much more in the shorter version of the game and his fellow team mate backed him up to go all the way till champion’s trophy.

“By the time it’s time for the 2019 World Cup, Dhoni’s age would close to 38, but these days age isn’t a factor.Look at Pakistani players like Younis Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq. They are still playing international cricket past the age of 40. And as far as Dhoni is concerned, he is fit enough to go on till 2019,” Nehra told TOI.

“I don’t see any reason why Dhoni should retire from international cricket. After the New Zealand ODI series, he will get more than two months to rest and come back fresh for the ODIs against England.