AB de Villiers does not want to rest for his injury and staying away from ground hurts him a lot

AB de Villiers gained an elbow injury while playing for Barbados Tridents in the Caribbean Premier League. This marked his first injury since his debut in 2004. The South African Test skipper will be missing the Test for the first time in his life and he belives that his injuries are “like a thief in the night”.

 It is very painful in the part of the 32-year-old to miss the ground for whom playing cricket is a significant segment of life. Due to his injury he might not be able to enter the ground for the next six months.

“I have five to six niggles at the moment, including the shoulder that everybody knows about which started about eight months ago. I have been hanging in there. I did fool myself a bit in thinking that I could just keep going and keep going and it has sort of caught up with me a bit,” AB de Villiers said in Durban on Monday (August 15). “It’s a big shame that I am losing out a few Test matches. It caught me like a thief in the night. This was not part of the plan.” said de Villiers.

“I love playing for my country and I would love to play as long as I can. You’ve got to look after your body sometimes and that’s happening with the six weeks now. Hopefully after this New Zealand series I will be ready to go and will tackle the Aussies in October. There’s a game against Ireland in seven weeks’ time. That’s a good time to test where I am physically,” added the South African Test skipper.