David Willey Wishes To Be Dhoni for One Day

Two reliable pacers from England in the likes of David Willey and Mark Wood were part of the Chennai Super Kings team in this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL).

Cricket news: Willey and Mark Wood were part of a chat show hosted by Harbhajan Singh

Both the players were playing for the first time in the tournament and they played under the charismatic leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

CSK were far the better team in the entire season and outplayed the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the final and won the tournament.

Although Wood and Willey played 1 and 3 matches respectively in the entire season, they were involved in the off-field activities.

Wood is a wonderful singer and wrote many songs for the team as well as for the players, which were sung in the team bus while going to the ground and back.

The duo appeared on a chat show which is hosted by their CSK teammate Harbhajan Singh. There Bhajji asked them “If you could wake up as anyone who would that be”, to which both had some interesting answers.

Mark Wood took the name of Lennox Lewis, who is a big guy from professional boxing who was active in the sport from 1989 to 2003 and was three-time world heavyweight champion.

Wood always wondered if he could get those muscles for himself and would always fancy being a world champion.

David Willey replied to Bhajji’s question by replying, “I’d like to spend a day in Dhoni’s shoes.”

Willey had previously told in an interview to Cricbuzz that he was very much impressed with the calmness and the leadership qualities of Dhoni.

Willey had said to Cricbuzz, “I learnt just as much from watching guys like him as I did from the few games I played in. How calm he is and how he thinks about the game when he is batting was great to learn from. Things like that are invaluable when you are learning about the game.”

Here is the video of the chat show: