Cricket Buzz! Virat Kohli News! The salary of the Indian Cricket Players takes a Whooping turn


WooooooW  the big news coming out of the Centre is that the Indian Players are likely to get paid 12 crores as remuneration as decided by the board along with the members of the COA set up by the supreme court

As per the Cricket Buzz and Latest Cricket News this is the current slab of payment for the different grades of Indian cricket players

As per the current contracts, the seasoned Indian players- Kohli, Ashwin are getting paid Rs 2 crores. Grade B players get Rs 1 crore while the Grade C cricketers bag Rs 50 lakh a year. In the meeting, the trio stressed on the point that Australian skipper Steve Smith bags about 2 million Australian dollars (around Rs 12 crore), and England captain Joe Root also fetches around the same salary as Smith does.

And the slab that is going to be decided after the revision of the payment is more likely to come across this way:

It has been learnt that cricketers with the Grade A contracts could be paid around Rs 12 crore a year, with skipper Virat Kohli’s salary could go sky high. Grade B players may well get anything around Rs 8 crore a year while Grade C players can pocket around Rd 4 crore.

“The discussions went on for more than four hours and focused on the disparity in wage structures between Indian, British, and Australian players. There is no doubt the marquee Indian players are grossly underpaid compared to their British and Australian counterparts,” the source said.

 “The effort will be to restore parity,” a CoA source said. There was no agreement as such but this matter will be taken into consideration as the officials believe the Indian cricketers should be at par with the rest. On the field, the Indians players have done extremely well and it will be seen if their plea gets granted.