CRICKET BUZZ – Shastri talks about the critics that are waiting to see Dhoni ending up his career


Ravi shastri is averaging 65 in the ODI career which is very efficient from the point of view of selection committee is concerned, he also added up saying he is one of the greatest player that the world has ever witnessed and his presence in the team is worth it

“Looks like there are a lot of jealous people around, who just want Dhoni to have a couple of bad days…. There are a few people who are waiting to see the end of MS Dhoni. But great players like him decide their own future,” Shastri said in an interview to the Bengali daily Anandabazar Patrika.

He said the Indian team knew well Dhoni’s worth and the criticism against the dashing wicketkeeper-batsman made no difference to them.

Ravi Shastri also added up saying that he is an ultimate team player and a man who binds up the team very well and helps other players too under his guidance to perform well and get better with the flow of time

“It (the criticism) doesn’t make a difference to me. In our mind we know where Dhoni stands within the team. He is an ultimate team man. He was a great leader and now an ultimate team man.”

In a dig at some former cricketers and experts who were critical of Dhoni now and have suggested he be dropped from the T20 side, he said: “Not so long ago I used to do television and people used to ask me questions. You need to answer questions to make a show happen.

“Dhoni is a superstar. He is one of our greatest cricketers. So he is always going to be a great topic. He is always going to be a topic because he is a legend. When you have a career as glorious as that, you become a topic on television.”