Cricket Buzz : MS Dhoni is the backbone and one of the most reliable player as of now


As per the MS Dhoni News  he in an interview said that he would like to play for the nation as far as he feels it is possible for him to play and give the best shot in the field, once he will reliaze that he is becoming incapable to perform he will leave the arena silently

MS Dhoni News states that he has been appearing for the press conference and interviews since long and as of now since he is not the captain of the side he now a days gives very distant visit to the conferences

After getting regular feedbacks from different legends and the former players MS Dhoni feels that people has the right to share their views as of what they feel for him and they also has every right to question up his talent whether he is fit for the role or not

“Everybody has views in life and it should be respected,” he said. “I have always felt that sports is one way of learning about life. How you deal with disappointments, how you are supposed to come in front of people when you have either you have won or lost a game. At the same time, how you stand up to criticism, and how you have an open mind about learning and improving yourself.”

Dhoni retired from Test cricket in 2014 and has been a vital cog in India’s limited-overs side. However, with his hitting and finishing prowess on the wane, and the expectations still sky high, his failures are often over scrutinised. With nothing to prove to anyone, Dhoni said it’s the drive to represent the country that keeps him going.

“Representing the country is the best motivation for me,” he pointed out. “We play cricket for only a span of time. We play for one year to 15 years, some play for 20 years. But in a lifespan, say you live for 70 years, 10-15 years is nothing.

“The only thing I can say is that I am representing my country. My biggest motivation is being part of the Indian cricket team. I have always believed that the process is more important than the result. I have never thought about the results. I have always believed in what is the right thing to do at that moment.

“I have always been involved in the process, and have never burdened myself with what if the result does not go my way. At the end of the day when the match gets over, if I look into the mirror and say to myself that I have tried my best, then I am satisfied.”