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Cricket Buzz states that Dhoni admits the fact that he misses his daughter Ziva during his cricket tours and it becomes hard for him to stay without his beautiful daughter 

It was the case of just a week before the start of the World cup 2015 when our than captain MS Dhoni became a proud father of a girl child and he was than in Australia , as per the sources have confirmed he was not even carrying a mobile phone with him so that he might be disturbed from the on goings in the day to day life  

His team mate and a very good friend of MS Dhoni , Suresh Raina got a SMS from any of the Dhoni’s family member and asked him to convey the message and thus he was enlighten about the fact of him becoming a father 

Dhoni has been seen playing with his daughter several times and he is clearly enjoying the fatherhood. He spoke about how it feels to be a father and said, “It is a very different feeling, and I personally find it very difficult to put it in words.”

“It is more of an emotion, and I feel I have not really missed a lot of things in life, but after a while when I am outside, after a few days, I actually start missing Ziva. Not to the extent that it starts bothering my cricket and all, but it is the first time ever when I feel, maybe I should Facetime to see what she is really doing,” Dhoni said.

Adding more to it, the father of 2-year-old Ziva said he misses his daughter during his cricket duties and he has never experienced that sort of missing before in his 12 years of cricket.

“It is not like we interact a lot, she is very independent, she is very young but very independent, she does not really look for many people to be around her. I have played for India for about 12 years, even more, but that sort of ‘missing’ has never happened. I feel that is the fatherly feeling that makes it happen.”

Like every other kid, Ziva is naughty too, which was confirmed by her father. She also has an Instagram account where you can check out her pictures and videos there. 

“I think she is naughty (smiles), she is quite naughty. But at the same time, the experience that I have had with her, I think we are blessed to have a daughter like her. The reason being, right from the very start we started traveling with her, she was two months old, she has never troubled us at night. She would sleep at the right time, she would get up at the right time. She has been very good when it comes to eating food on time. These are the things which are very important when your child is very young. You want her to eat well, you want her to sleep well, and she has been very good when it comes to that.”