CRICKET BUZZ- kULDEEP YADAV is a very sensible find for Team India


 As per the India Cricket News  & Cricket Buzz Kuldeep Yadav the chinaman for the Indian bowling attack is playing to the best of his skills and is leaving no stones untouched to bounce and regulate up his deliveries 

As per the Cricket Buzz information former Indian Cricket Team captain, Kapil Dev said in an interview that after such a long gap he has seen such an attacking bowling performance by the Team and he wants the team to continue with the sort of form as they are now

Kuldeep may have anticipated the question coming (he didn’t show it) but when the inevitable happened two minutes into his pre-match presser in Guwahati,and as per the sources by Cricket Buzz  he calmly stared at the microphone placed before him and said: “I don’t think about replacements,” before adding: “We [Chahal and I] are very young and have plenty of cricket to play. There’s no way we’ll think about these things.”

The young spinner understands that as he plays more games, patterns will begin to emerge for the opposition and his ingenuity will find ripostes. Then basic wrist-spin skills like beating batsmen in the air, will hold him in good stead. “Look, for me, it doesn’t matter if someone is trying to look at you [videos] and picking you,” Kuldeep said. “If you bowl in the good areas, your variations are good, if you can bowl in a spot… if you can beat someone in the air, you can see as many videos as you want.

“I am no mystery bowler that I’m doing tricks with the hand. Obviously, it becomes easy after 2-3 years. They’ll begin picking you after playing you for a while. As long as your basics are fine, your alignment and accuracy is good, the easier it is [to enjoy continued success].”

Kuldeep comes armed with plans of his own every time he is called upon to bowl. At various stages in this series, he’s had a partner whose ideas he finds easy to relate to while bowling in tandem. In Ranchi, there was a quick exchange of notes at mid-on between Kuldeep and spin partner Yuzvendra Chahal before Kuldeep was brought into the attack. “We have quite a good partnership,” he said about the blossoming bond. “It’s easy on the ground, we talk about how the wicket is and how it behaves. So there is a good understanding. Even in the games, we bowl in partnerships You can see its impact.

“I ask Chahal also what is happening on the wicket upon release. If the wicket is turning, or if it is skidding through while bowling. These discussions keep happening. We keep thinking about batsmen, how he is playing and what his plans may be. These discussions are useful for me and the team,” he revealed.

There is two other key personnel who help with an explanation for Kuldeep’s bowling smarts that belies his experience. Both incidentally, they have a greater affinity to the Australian camp. Shane Warne and Brad Hogg have played pivotal roles in the spinner’s development; Warne simply by being Warne and Hogg through his in-depth understanding of the ‘chinaman’ craft and the general subtleties of wrist spin.

“They are very important to me,” Kuldeep revealed. “Warne is my idol and I have always followed him from childhood. If I become 50 percent of what he is, my life is successful. I keep talking to him. I’ve been with Brad Hogg for two years at KKR. I’ve learnt a lot talking from him. Even now I keep talking to him.

“Obviously, from Warne, his wrist work, his flight and drift to deceive whichever batsmen… is very important. I’m working to be a little like him, and if I become a little successful in that, it’s great for me. From Brad Hogg, because I’m a ‘chinaman’ and he is one too, you can learn a lot. He has the flipper and the wrong un. I think he’s 46 now, so a 23-year-old career. So it feels good to learn a lot from that kind of experience. This is just the start of my career, the small things I can pick up will be very useful.”