Cricket Buzz – BCCI have showered upon the players with yet another luxurious upgrade


As per the Cricket Buzz previously this facility was only available for the Captain and the coach to opt for, but as of now these luxurious services will be available to the other players as well in order to lessen down the commotion coming out from the public

Cricket Buzz states that the Business Class tickets were only confined to the captain & the coach but other players had to travel in the Economy class but from now onwards all the players will get to travel in the business class of the flight

One of the main reasons behind this step is that when players travel from country to country or even within the country they always had to face the public by taking photographs and by giving away autographs and hence there remains no time where they can be peaceful while they fly

Another reason behind this is that players becomes exhaust after playing all day and even after that they cannot even rest their legs as the space within the Economy class is vey confined and it becomes difficult to do the same

BCCI on a meeting has cleaned out the idea and given up a green signal to all the members of the team to fly with the captain of the team and the coach as well

The other issue that the Indian cricketers have with the economic travel is the leg space that this category flight has, compared to the ones in business class. The proposal to give the Indian cricketers an upgrade from their existing travel has been approved in the recently-held meeting of the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) in Delhi.