Alastair Cook dismissed the charge of Ball Tampering on him



England skipper Alastair Cook, currently surrounded by allegations of Ball Tampering. He totally dismisses the charge on him saying they are “loads of rubbish”. Rumours also says that to gain the top position in Test matches Cook did so, as the team is in a race to capture the rank 1 position in Test format.


The allegation was charged on him during the third Test in Edgbaston. Currently England on a 2-1 ground after they defeated Pakistan in the third test last week. Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq desires his team to  reverse swing the ball like England do. Seeing this one of the Pakistani television stations advocated that England might have unlawfully tampered the ball to win the game but the Pakistan skipper has no grumble about that. He just told that his team needs to improve better to win over England.


"Obviously there are legal ways to roughen the ball — you bowl cross seam, throw the ball from the boundary one-bounce, shine it on one side," said Misbah.

"You care for the ball, and the team which does it better achieves reverse-swing.”

"This is an art, a science…We have to do that,"

"England's bowlers are experienced — and Anderson and (Stuart) Broad know how to utilise it. They know the conditions. Our seam bowlers have played less cricket. So they have to learn that and care for the ball – we have to gain that experience and concentrate on that." He added.