MS Dhoni might not be having the peak form of his powers that he used to have during the period he was leading the nation but recently during a visit to Chepauk he could hear the roar of big fans and the excitement they carried

Just ahead of the 2nd edition of the Tamil Nadu Premier league on Saturday that how one trains for the league and he remembered his times when he used to train for CSK 

He has got many memories while playing for Chennai and the former Indian captain recalls the days he used to perform for the Franchise and it is definitely an emotional moment for him as they were out of the league since last 2 years, the coming year they will be making a comeback  

How do you keep yourself fit?

Fitness is a major part of any sport today whether it is skill-oriented or endurance-oriented sport. It is the food that is more important than the training. So, if you have right kind of food and supplement it with the training, you can get much more out of yourself. Food intake is the main thing apart from training. These days, the players get educated about what they need to do. Most of the players learn from the seniors and there will be physios to assist you. There is a lot of guidance by fellow cricketers and that is why I feel even in TNPL when lot of players would have gone back to their respective districts, they would have done a lot of fitness work to realise their fitness needs to be at par.

Chennai Super Kings is coming back. What does that mean to the Indian Premier League?

CSK has the biggest fan following. In the last two years, we were not there but the way the fans supported us, it was like they were waiting for CSK to come back. There was a Test match in the middle, but we haven’t played any limited-overs cricket here. So I feel there is a lot of buzz when it comes to the fans over here. A lot of fans are waiting for the team to come and play at Chepauk. Today, at the opening ceremony, we may get a glimpse of that. This is the first time I am coming back to the ground after two years, so I think it will be pretty interesting.

What are your fond memories of CSK?

I can’t put it so simply because it is eight years, season after season, not only in the IPL, but we played the Champions League also. We had a spree where we were winning a lot of games at home and we had a time when we weren’t winning many games at home. We have seen the ups and downs, but what is remarkable has been the support of the fans over here. They love their cricket, irrespective of which team is playing or who has scored runs. They appreciate the game. Yes, they want CSK to win and if India is playing, they want India to win but overall they have always appreciated good cricket and that is why it is so different. For me to pick one or two instances saying these are my favourite instances will be tough. Overall when we are down and we needed the crowd support, it was always there. Even in games where opponents needed two runs to win in four balls, the crowd support was amazing. Overall, we had a very pleasant eight years with the team and hopefully it will go on for another eight years and more.

What is your secret to play under pressure?

To keep it simple, it is important not to think about the result and do not think what if we lose the game. We shouldn’t think too much ahead of time and just concentrate on the process. If you are defending a score, think about which bowler can be used and what will be the field placements. When you are constantly thinking of all these things, you don’t think about the results. So there is less pressure and you are trying to make sure that the process is more important. You are looking at how you can alter the course of the game and that in turn will help me get the desired results. That is how I keep myself calmer under pressure and practise is something that gives you the confidence as to what needs to be done under pressure. You may not win ten out of ten games, but when you practise the right way and you have been in these type of situations for a period of time, you know how to get out of it.