McCULLAM on this occasion said that since he is not the captain of the test side but the times he was with the team and leading the team he was very much focused towards the game and has done much for the team and the country.

Former New Zealand captain feels that if M.S Dhoni comes up to bat in the order he will be doing much better as he is doing as of now. He was very much impressed with the knock of 80 coming down at number 4 for the team, and whenever he has taken any such decisions he has stepped up and have shown and proved how good he can be.

compairing the form Virat is in now with Sachin Tendulkar, Virat said it it is away apart to compare him with the legend.

“I think we should just enjoy the guy who is at the top of his game and is entertaining crowds all around the world. I think comparisons are so difficult in this game, there are different conditions, different eras, different circumstances but we should not fail in recognizing that we have got an incredibly good player who is operating on the world stage at the moment,” he went to say this

Speaking of the good effects that Dhoni does when he comes to bat up the order

 “You have got two very experienced cricketers who are very calm under pressure and know to win games. Chasing scores is not easy and they understand the art of it. The other teams will hope that they don’t bat together too often but for India’s sake. You are enjoying the fact two of your leaders are performing in the pressure situation.”