Carlos Brathwaite became the new captain of West Indies cricket team

Succeeding Darren Sammy, Carlos Brathwaite will be managing the squad against India for the first time in the form of captain for the upcoming Twenty-20 series, scheduled to start from August 27. The series will consist of two T-20 matches which will be played at the ground of Fort Lauderdale, USA on 27 and 28 August respectively.

West Indies Cricket Board reviewed the team and appointed the Barbarian as the skipper after they found the two-time world champion Darren Sammy unefficient to hold the post of the skipper, earlier this month.

After the fourth test against India in Trinidad, Brathwaite described about how his job could be plain sailing.

“I think a team like this will be pretty easy to lead, from the point of view that the dressing room is a fun place to be. I don’t think it’s a case where I have to negotiate too many egos. The guys enjoy each other’s company. It’s just a matter for me to go there, do the things that I can do, firstly as a player and then a captain, continue to mould the team that Darren has started to mould, efficiently,” said the new captain at a press conference.

“Again, the most important thing is getting victories for the West Indies. As a new leader, things might change bit by bit. It’s just about adjusting and then for me to find ways for the team to continue to win.

“I don’t want to get too deep into the psychology of changing leaders and stuff like that. I think all the guys are mature enough. We have had cases where some of the guys were captains, and then played the next series under a different captain. We are professionals, we all know what we have to go out there and do,” the new skipper added.