A few days ago the Legend of Indian spin bowling Bishan Singh voiced that playing Kuldeep Yadav in too many T20s will erode his effectiveness, but the Austrian legend Brad Hogg didn’t agree with that.


Bishan Singh thinks too many T20 matches will erode the 22-year-old rising spin bowler but Kuldeep’s mentor and his fellow Chinaman bowler Brad Hogg disagree with him.

Hogg who played 123 ODI matches and Seven Tests and 23 T20 matches for Australia said: “No, I don’t agree with that at all. I think he should be put under constant pressure all the time and I firmly believe that he can handle it. He is young and if things don’t go his way, he has got the mental aptitude to go away – think about it, learn from it -and come back stronger. I think he is a fantastic prospect for India and has a great future ahead of him,”

Bard Hogg and Kuldeep Yadav was a part of the Kolkata Knight Riders team in the past few season in IPL and the duo often discussed their craft,

Hogg said: “It’s extremely funny when you are watching Australia play India, and want your side to do well. And then, you also have someone – who is your type of bowler – with whom you have played and you want him to do well too. Look, I am quite ecstatic about Kuldeep’s performance and his steady rise,”

The 22-year-old Youngster often interacts with the Australian via Skype and takes some lessons from him.

On this Hogg said: “I have always enjoyed my interactions with Kuldeep. He has a never-say-die attitude which is just so refreshing,”

In his first match the Youngster has picked up four curial wickets for team India and Glenn Maxwell was among them,

According to Hogg, the young Indian spinner is a quick learner and that is his biggest asset.

He voiced: “The thing that catches your attention is that he constantly looks to get better at his craft. He has a big heart and always looks to outfox the batsmen like he did in Dharamshala. As a spinner, you want to see someone who is constantly testing the batsmen,”