Bhuvneshwar Kumar Reveals The Biggest “feku” Of Indian Dressing Room

Veteran Indian fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar is one of the few players who play regularly in all the three formats of the game for his country.

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He is currently gearing up for the upcoming international assignments as India has a tough 2018-19 season with the upcoming England and Australia tours.

The onset of the on-field action has yet some time left, so meanwhile the players are in a relaxing mood.

Recently Bhuvneshwar Kumar was spotted shooting an episode for a popular web series Breakfast with Champions, where he spoke about many things about the Indian dressing room.

He revealed some funny moments of the dressing room and also answered when host Gaurav Kapoor asked to name the biggest ‘feku’ of the team.

‘Feku’ is a Hindi slang who lies without thinking about the limit. Bhuvneshwar did not take much time and took the name of Ravindra Jadeja.

He even said that Jadeja sometimes goes out of limit and lies beyond the imagination of humans. Sometimes he intentionally conjures the lies while sometimes the lie comes out naturally.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar even added that whenever ViratKohli is in the dressing room, Jadeja remains under control.

This is because Kohli has the habit of pulling others’ leg whenever one commits an error while talking or when tells a lie.

He also added that Kohli knows that Jadejatells lie most of the times and hence never misses an opportunity to troll Jadeja whenever he tries to tell a lie.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar also said that ShikharDhawan is the player from the team who keeps forgetting things from time to time.

Sometimes it becomes so worse that Dhawan can forget the name of the person who is sitting just opposite to him across the dining table.