Best Cricket Commentators Till Date

Michael Atherton

Image Source : flickr

The former English captain has the most cerebral voice in the world of commentary. Apart from being a commentator, Atherton is also a professional journalist. He has worked as a cricket correspondent for The Times.

This proves that he can provide a weighty and meaningful analysis to the game. With his immense knowledge Atherton explains the mental aspect of the game and lets the audience know the depth of it.

Atherton is very good at technical analysis, dissection of strategies, explaining strategies and reading the mindset of players. He doesn’t use unimportant talk and forced humor. Rather his sobriety and a bit of wittiness makes him one of the best cricket commentators.

Sourav Ganguly

best cricket commentators
Image Source : CricTracker

One of the greatest Indian captains of all time is also a great analyst behind the mic. His tactical nous, in-depth understanding of strategies and psycho-analytical ability makes him one of the best cricket commentators.

Ganguly can also read players’ mind and understand their personality. He is also an astute reader of the mode of play. Moreover the Prince of Kolkata isn’t biased like other Indian commentators. He praises each and every player and also the teams.


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