Best Cricket Commentators Till Date

Shane Warne

Image Source : Cricket Country

When you are called as the greatest spin legend, you are ought to carry a lot of experiences. Warne became a master spinner through his brilliant ability to read the game and opposition’s mind.

After he retired, Warne used this same tactic to become one of the best cricket commentators. Many believe that Shane Warne was the best captain that Australia never had.

This theory is further made true if they listen to Warne’s analysis during the matches. A few only can study and analyse the game brilliantly as Warne does.

Nasser Hussain

Image Source : Latestly

Soon after retiring in 2004, Nasser Hussain entered the field of commentary. During his playing days, Hussain was an aggressive and clever captain. He brought those characteristics in the commentary box too.

Hussain greatly understands the dynamics of the game. He gives an in-depth analysis and also peeks into the mental side of the game. Hussain has done in-depth study of the English game and also how other countries play.

He excels in the psychological analysis which is no less important than the physical one. Hussain’s unbiased opinion and his influential voice has made him one of the best cricket commentators of all time.


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