Best Cricket Commentators Till Date

Mike Haysman

Image Source : Wide World Of Sports – Nine

Originally an Australian, but it is in South Africa that Haysman became a major broadcaster. Haysman lends his energy and vibrancy in the commentary box along with his insightful expert view.

His ability to notice minute aspects of the game has made him one of the best cricket commentators. Moreover he has also proven to be a good interviewer. His interaction with players has been very interesting.

Ian Smith

Image Source : The Cricketer

The former wicket-keeper batsman is currently the voice of New Zealand cricket. With his powerful voice, Smithy brings moments alive. Along with that his comments help viewers understand what is happening.

An all-rounder with the mike, Smith also shares great stories and frank opinions. He is also one of the wittiest commentators and his overall qualities makes him one of the best cricket commentators.


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