Best Cricket Commentators Till Date

Michael Holding

Image Source : News18

The USP of Michael Holding is his distinctive Jamaican accent and his sugary voice. These two traits make him one of the best cricket commentators. Along with that whenever he does commentary, he gives a valuable analysis of the game.

Moreover being a fast bowler during his playing days, Holding has a vast knowledge in this area. He can explain the nuances and subtleties of the art of pace bowling. Along with that he can share the tactics of the pacers during the game too.

Holding does commentary for the Sky Sports team during the English home season. During the English winter, Holding does commentary for other broadcasters. The ‘Whispering Death’ is unbiased and doesn’t waste time in pointless chatter.

Ian Bishop

Image Source : Hindustan Times

Bishop was another fierce West Indies pacer but didn’t get much success due to various injuries. However in the field of commentary, he has been consistent and is presently one of the best cricket commentators.

Bishop explains the complexities of fast bowling and also gives the batsman’s point of view. He remains neutral and gives everyone their due credit. He also raises his pitch to match the crescendo of big moments and deliver amazing voice-overs.

However Bishop’s commentary has been flawed sometimes. Like his statement that West Indies will become a big team after 2012 World T20. Or like his famous statement of “Carlos Braithwaite, remember the name” after the 2016 World T20 Final.


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